The Thalia Times

What's a budding writer to do when her "editor" forgets to publish her work?!  Thalia wrote the second edition of The Thalia Times a week after her first one, but Editor Mom kept forgetting to post it!  Here it is, from five weeks ago:

Click on image above to read a larger version!

Also, Thalia wanted the following photo to be included in the newsletter, but due to technical difficulties (my computer does not have MS Publisher and hers does), I wasn't able to add the photo before "presstime."  (Maybe Thalia needs a new editor!) Photo should accompany the Princess Sally story:

Thalia created her first newspaper! What started as a Girl Scout badge project to fulfill requirements for the 'Court Sports' badge blossomed into an all-day (Saturday even!) endeavor on her part. She had sooo much fun writing the articles and ads.

Click on image above to read a larger version of Thalia's "newspaper"!