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Thalia's 4th grade class has a new blog!  Each student is welcome to post daily on a daily topic the teacher throws out there!  Some of her recent posts:

What did you do this weekend?
This weekend on Monday I went on a glass bottom boat at the Aquarena Center. It was so awesome! I saw fish under my feet. Also we saw a huge fish about 5 feet long! After, We went to the aquarium there. I saw fish, eels, and frog eggs! Did you know that salamanders like to be in between rocks? When you look at them they look stuck, But they love rocks! After that we went on the board walk. We saw an egret, lily pads and some stuff in the water that looked like muck.It looks like land, but take one step and you’ll sink.Then we went to the main office. It’s like a museum in there. I saw ancient things from 500 years ago. The best part was when myrtle the turtle came. He had scars on his back from an accident. Then sadly we had to go. But I know I’ll have even more fun the next time I come with my Girl Scout Troop. But that’s another story!

Are you enjoying writing in your reflection journal each morning? 
I really love to write in my reflection jurnal. Its a great way to let out your thoughts and feelings in the morning. But whenever I start I feel like I’m in heavan and never wanting to stop.

How did you feel about the Writing CDB (practice TAKS writing test)?
Oh, The writing CDB I was rally nervous by the look on my face. But on the inside I was a bit excited. The Mechanics part was a piece of cake. But the writing a story part maybe a moldy cake. A whole story in a day! I just finished my final draft on Friday for “A day you’ll always remember.” And we even started September. So I was glad to be home after school.