Presenting . . . The Thalia Times

Well, the kiddos really like having their own spot on the Internets, and wouldn't you know it, are already fighting over the space! So now we've added a new page to our family blog to debut Thalia's newest creation:
The Thalia Times, an entirely homegrown newspaper created and written by her.

You can read the first issue of The Thalia Times here! Perhaps she'll take after her "Aunt Tyra" and become a writer?! Time will tell.



About five years ago, I created a photo collage of all of our 1st birthday pictures for a cool sliding frame my friend gave me. During my recent redecorating blitz, I retired the frame and decided to do a layout with these four fun photos:

I love the continuity across two generations that these photos represent. Each birthday child celebrating with cake! I think I may be doing several more layouts like this one and the previous Serendipity one. It's cool to see how some things change over time . . . and how some things stay the same.

Digital scrapbooking layouts forthcoming