Structure is So Overrated

At the beginning of the year, I lamented the sorry state of my four (yes, four) blogs. They suffered from benign neglect with a very few posts showing up now and again. I decided that my blogs needed some "structure." Hence, the five-days-a-week schedule of stuff I thought everyone needed to know about me and mine.

Okay, since I haven't blogged in over a month at pretty much all my blogsites, I'm throwing in the towel. Hell, I threw in the towel long, long ago. Structure is SO overrated.

I loved the idea of it. I still do. But with the exception of the couple of weeks spent on my couch while recovering from surgery, our family's lifestyle (that would be code for 'my personal laziness') is too busy to allow for regularly scheduled posts. I admire greatly blogs such as Heather Binkley's Did You Remember Your Pill Today that manage to entertain us each and every day with her very busy family's antics. And countless other Mom-blogs out there do the same, in spite of their collective busy-ness. But as for me and my blogs, it's just not gonna happen.

So the new blog schedule goes like this:
  • Photos when I have time to upload, sort, tag and date them.
  • Funny tidbits about our lives when I remember to tell you about them.
  • Scrapbook pages when I actually get around to doing some.
  • Recipes when we're feeling hungry!
So if you've been a loyal follower of our family blog, thanks for sticking around and don't give up on us yet! Our kids actually love the idea of our family blog too, and they're always telling me to post this or that. Sometimes I do. I'm just sorry I haven't had time to do more!