New Rooms Added!

So this family blog is kind of like our family's home, kind of haphazard but filled with good intentions! In order to offer everyone more to chew on, we've added some new PAGES, or as I like to think of them, ROOMS, to the blog for you to enjoy! Click on the links on the menu on the right sidebar to visit them.

is simply a compilation of various recipes that have appeared in previous blog posts, in case you actually wanted to try one and forgot when you had seen it!

Stuff We Like is just exactly that--stuff we like! Or more specifically, our retail loves, because after all, we do live in a Material World.

Man Cave is Dylan's page. It's currently blank. Draw from that what you will.

And last, but not least, there is the Kidlets page! It will have content written by the girls themselves or whatever else they pester me to post.

I'm not promising that we'll be updating these new "Rooms" frequently, but we'll give it a try! Thalia took a web design class over the summer, so who knows, she may even take over the Kidlets page. Stay tuned.

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