Did You Take Your Vitamins?

Dylan and I are halfway into week 2 of our Clean eating program, and it has more or less become a routine now. I felt hungry constantly for the first 3 days, but now have a hard time finishing my lunch some days. It's a testament to how quickly my stomach "shrunk" or got used to the new eating plan. Dylan, on the other hand, still feels hungry all the time! But he's committed to the program and working through caffeine withdrawal and hunger pangs with good humor.

We've even eaten out with our new plan! That was a challenge. We had plans to go to Rainforest Cafe last weekend with friends, and I almost wanted to cancel last minute, but after carefully perusing the online menu decided we could make it work. And we did! Roast chicken, skin off, and grilled veggies for me and a Salad with grilled chicken for Dylan. (Dylan did cheat by eating the focaccia bread that came with his meal.) Our friends teased us about our ascetic eating while drinking fruity alcohol concoctions and eating everything we couldn't, but resisting temptation is good for us! The next day, we were feeling pretty confident about our eating out skills and went to brunch at a Mexican restaurant with a visiting friend. Chicken salad for me and grilled salmon for Dylan. We made up for our 'wild weekend' by having just smoothies for the rest of Sunday.

After my previous blog post, we added vitamins and nutritional supplements to the mix. There are quite a few pills to take each day! This is a big deal for me because I HATE taking pills of any kind. They make me want to gag. But take them I do, because it's an integral part of the plan. Dylan has no problems with pills of any kind, and can swallow a handful at a time. Ugh.

So in addition to the 2 raw, mostly liquid meals and the 1 cooked meal per day, we're taking, in no particular order:

Rice Protein Powder
Superfood/Greens Powder with Probiotics
Milk Thistle Extract (3X day)
Oil of Oregano
Garlic (2X day)
Calcium (2X day)

The worst one of them is the Greens Powder, which I elected to take instead of the Probiotic pills--big mistake. The powder has a fishy, seaweed kind of taste that can't be totally masked by the addition of fruit, sweetener, cacao powder and cinnamon. Had we not already opened this jumbo container of the powder, I would have gone for the more expensive Probiotic pills

Oil of Oregano pills have a lovely aftertaste but for me, have an unpleasant side effect later. It feels like heartburn. Garlic pills, on the other hand, have a very strong, unpleasant aftertaste! Of course, the other option, chewing and swallowing a couple cloves of garlic, is also not in the cards.

Are we seeing some benefits of this new diet? YES! I was able to put on a pair of favorite old jeans that have been a bit snug of late, only 7 days into the diet. Dylan did the same with some clothes in his closet. So we're both a bit leaner.

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