Trash to Treasure: Altered CDs

If you hate to throw anything away that could be useful later, like I do, then you might already have a stack of old CDs sitting around waiting to be reborn! Back in the day when AOL used to send me a CD every week, I would toss the whole shrink-wrapped envelope in the trash, never even opening it. But now, I know at least one thing you can do with old CDs--create some art! Altered art, to be exact.

Altered art, for those non-crafty types, is simply art created by altering something else you already have. Some people, those who don't have boxes of old stuff lying around, have to cheat and actually buy stuff to alter. Ha! We've got lots of stuff around the house, thanks in very large part to having kids who like to make stuff and from being a Girl Scout leader since 2000. There's no such thing as trash ! Only future art projects! Altered art is nothing new either, as crafty folks from years past have always done this. Altered art is frequently made using mixed-media techniques.

My project of the day was to use up some of the old CDs (some containing old software or old digital images or music or free ones sent in the mail) and create altered CDs. I took an 11 year old software CD and turned it into a photo collage altered CD to send as a thank you to Thalia's godparents. They recently invited her to spend a week at their home, where she had an awesome time! I used some of the pics I took when I dropped her off at the Purple Cow in Fort Worth for the CD:

I was so tickled by the results that I made another one, also a thank you for our friends who recently treated us to an afternoon of painting pottery and ice cream to celebrate Carys's birthday!

I just need to cover each CD with Mod Podge to protect the collage. I may also add more embellishments, like some old ribbon, buttons, etc. I am on a roll now! So if you've got some old CDs around your house, you might want to give altered art a try. Imagine the possibilities! Add a ribbon hanger and it's a tiny wall-hanging or Christmas ornament! Slap some magnet tape on the back and it's fridge decor! Create a mobile of family pics to hang in your office! You can even decorate both sides of the CD.

But if you're not so inclined, would you mind giving me your old CDs?!

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