Stuff We Like: Eggs Benedict

Today was a busy, busy, busy day, and therefore, I'm half-asleep and it's only midnight! My Mom went home over the weekend, and I've been back to my 'regularly scheduled program' since Monday. The break was nice while it lasted, although a tad bit boring, and real life is hitting me harder than usual this week.

I've been online shopping since my surgery from the confines of my couch and bed, so believe it or not, I'm kind of 'shopped out' right now. Today is usually my chance to prattle on about retail love, but I'm not feeling it. No love. hahaha

Anyway, Thalia discovered something she loves, loves, loves this past weekend when we were in Dallas. And if you know Thalia, if she's enamored of anything, it probably has something to do with food! (This is the girl who admits that her favorite part of her school day is lunch.) Thalia loves Eggs Benedict!

I can't remember the first time I tasted Eggs Benedict, but I know for sure I was an adult when I did. Thalia ordered off the adult menu the other day at a brunch shower at Breadwinners for my godsister Ruby, hosted by me and her sister. When she asked me what it was, I said, "Well, it has two eggs, sunny side up, bread, ham and a really yummy buttery sauce." Her eyes and her mouth said "Yum! I'll have that."

And have it she did. She devoured it. She even used her home fries to sop up every last bit of the hollandaise sauce left on her plate. Wow.

Eggs Benedict is one of those things that I always try to order if I'm at brunch, because it's just too much trouble to make it at home. I have made a fairly ok hollandaise sauce from a mix at home, and my kids have eaten it, so Thalia was slightly familiar with the taste of it already. But it's a sybaritic pleasure to have Eggs Benedict, in any and all of its many variations, made just for you. (My personal favorite is the Beef Tenderloin Benedict at Chez Zee in Austin.)

I'm really happy that my oldest child has a taste for the good stuff at an early age. The funny thing was, we ate out again the next day for brunch, and guess what she wanted to order?!

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