Photo of the Week: Flowers

I've been so blessed in the past weeks with phone calls, messages and cards filled with well wishes from friends and family. But I was completely blown away when flowers started arriving at my door when I got home last week! (Unfortunately, I couldn't actually get up to answer the door myself, so some were left on my porch!)

I love flowers but rarely have fresh arrangements in my home. I was so touched to receive these beautiful blooms, which went a long way in cheering me up:

What a luxury! So many lovely flowers in front of me at once. I arranged them on my living room coffee table so I can drink them in all day while hanging out on my couch.

The other day, I even entertained myself by taking macro pics of some of them:

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mom & Dad, Thalia & Carys, Rachel, Jayshree, the Landruses and the Joshis for such a feast for the eyes, and indeed, making me feel so much better!

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