Our Best Mom Intentions

Last week's 'Mom Moment' was about my guilt about missing Carys's first and only kindergarten field trip. This week's 'Mom Moment' is a shout out to a recent post on our recently-met-distant-relatives' blog post about Mom-guilt and doing the opposite of what you intend to do as a Mom. I could totally relate to it. Your best Mom intentions being dashed in an instant, and the residual guilt that goes along with that.

The Hinkleys live waaaay further northeast of us (where it snows) and have recently started a new family blog, Did You Remember Your Pill Today? It's very "slice of life." Love it.

We met the Hinkley family last summer during our vacation at Dylan's aunt's home in Washington, DC. Dylan and John are second-half-cousins. (I think that's right; we figured out their Moms are half-cousins.) So now Thalia and Carys have three new-to-them third-half-cousins, whose adventures we can follow on their blog!

The Hinkleys and Stogsdills girl bonding over Rock Band!

Ian, the soloist, and his band, Carys and Thalia.

They love the Wii.



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Heather Binkley said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love your blog. How did I not realize you were doing this? We can't wait to see you guys the next time you're in the area. Great pics!!!