Portrait of a Family

It's been exactly 5 years since our last family portrait, taken by a graduate student/part-time photographer friend from Austin, who has since graduated and moved out of state. So we decided that we were long overdue for another one and went with the recommendation of a friend who has experience photographing young children.

I had booked the session weeks ago with the idea that we would use the images for our holiday cards, so my plan was to wear appropriate winter-ish colors and styles, such as sweaters. How was I to know that the temperature that day would be 80+ degrees?! Or that the sun would be shining so brightly with not a blessed cloud in the sky?!

We chose the Japanese Tea Garden at Brackenridge Park for our photo shoot, which is a lovely gem in the center of the city that I always forget is there. Admission to the Garden is free, which partly explains why there were--I kid you not--4 Quinceanera parties, 1 wedding party and at least 5 other families also having their professional photos taken there at that same hour! It was too funny how each group kept getting into another's shot. Except that there was a bit of waiting to set up the shots as a result.

Our photographer, Rachael Myles, was just lovely to work with, very professional but also so friendly and great with the girls. She was also very open to our suggestions and ideas for backgrounds and poses. She loved one of Dylan's ideas for using the bottom of a bridge as a background, which worked out well as there were never any other people there to ruin the shot!

Thalia and Carys were amazingly good-humored throughout the entire photo shoot, despite the sun and heat and crowds. They loved the Garden too, with its enormous koi and quaint bridges and waterfalls.

I've posted the highlights of our afternoon at the Japanese Tea Garden, which you may see again on our Christmas cards too!

All images by Rachael Myles Photography


KPT said...

Great photos! Love them!

Ron said...

Great photos of all of you!!!