And Summer Abruptly Ends

Yesterday morning, Thalia was at a summer camp field trip at the roller skating rink. She was skating along very nicely until a big boy slammed into her. The kid, by the way, didn't even stop or apologize (jerk!). Thalia fell hard and was taken by ambulance to the ER where Dylan and I met her. I was the last to find out about all of this as I had accidentally left my cell phone on the charger at home before I left to run a bunch of errands, but the camp staff was able to get a hold of Dylan quickly.

One of her counselors rode with her in the ambulance to Methodist Children's ER where it was determined that she broke her right wrist in 2 places. After a few hours in the ER, we went to see the pediatric orthopedic physician who said she would need to have her wrist fixed up and cast in the hospital under anaesthesia. So back we went to Methodist Hospital to have her admitted and prepped for the procedure. Having her "asleep" allowed the doctor to manipulate the bones exactly where they need to be to heal properly. It was a thankfully short procedure and she is now sporting a lovely powder blue cast that is unfortunately not waterproof. No overnight stay required and we got home around 9 pm after side trips to the pharmacy and HEB for soup and popsicles. What a day!

She was in alot of pain today and a brave little trooper overall,
having ridden the ambulance without either of her parents and endured alot of poking and prodding and bad-tasting medicine from a bunch of strangers. Thalia was completely worn out after 13 hours without food or even water and all the time spent hurry up-waiting at the hospital and doctor's office. We're quite relieved that it was only her wrist as it could have been much worse.

Anyway, Thalia will not be returning to camp or tennis for the rest of the summer as she is not allowed physical activity or swimming for 8 weeks. Basically, she can't do anything that requires two hands just now. So we've canceled camp, tennis and swim lessons and shelved some of our summer plans that involved water or being outside for a long time. (That cast is heavy and hot!) She's feeling very sad about "summer" being cut short rather suddenly and is looking forward to some "quiet" playdates.

Ironically, she broke bones in the same arm in which she broke her elbow exactly 4 years ago. It's also ironic that Thalia has gotten so much better at roller skating over the past few months and enjoyed practicing with her own white and pink skates! It was great to see her confidence growing every time she went to the skating rink. Here's a pic of our skating diva being wheeled out of the hospital last night:

Finally . . . headed for home! (And my teddy bear's arm has a cast too!)

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