Up to the Challenge: Date Night with Dad

I've never uploaded any of my scrapbook layouts on any website besides my own before, but I will spend hours looking through everyone else's on my favorite sites! I save copies of my favorites in various files on my computer or print them out, for the day when I need some inspiration or feel like scraplifting someone else's design. (By the way, this is totally acceptable in the narcissistic scrapbooking world).

Now that I've been dabbling in digital scrapbooking, I finally decided to upload something for a monthly "Scraplift Challenge" sponsored by one of the Facebook groups I'm a part of. After about 7 years of looking at other scrappers' layouts. This wasn't for a contest, so I thought it would be pretty safe if I uploaded a page I did the other day about the annual Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance that Dylan and Thalia attended last Friday with the other girls and dads in our troop.

Thalia looked so pretty and "big girl" in her silver and black "fancy dress"! I used a TON of hair gel to throw her hair up into a pseudo-bun, the best we could do with her hair so short right now, and it looked really cool. And it stayed up all night! She also got a very quick manicure with sparkly nail polish. Ooh la la! Dylan looked very handsome in his suit, of course. Each girl carried a mask, in keeping with the Masquerade Ball theme, that we moms made for them. And despite Dylan's injured hamstring, Thalia said they squeezed in some dancing in addition to running around with her friends and eating snacks!

Dylan commented that it probably won't be very long before going on a date with your dad won't be cool anymore to Thalia. He said there were very few older girls there with their fathers, so we are still (barely) in that magical time when parents still know (almost) everything and your kids are begging to be with you. *Sigh!*

LAYOUT CREDITS:All papers from: Creative Memories Blush Blooms; Embellishments from: Creative Memories Pet, Gazebo (recolored), Baby Love (some recolored); Word art from: Creative Memories Blush Blooms, Best Buds, Gazebo; Font: Amaze


The Heart of Winter, Part 1

Once Christmas and New Year's festivities are over, winter gets pretty boring, and at that point, the season is really just getting started! With the exception of Valentine's Day to look forward to, winter can be kind of dull. And now we're all so happy that Spring is here!

Here were some perks of our Winter:

Parties . . .
Build-A-Bear Birthday Party in January

Oogles n Googles 'Race Car' Party on Superbowl Sunday

"THE" Spurs Game . . .

And Valentine's Day! What would we do without Valentine's Day . . .

Let the celebrations begin!

Amazingly fun Tea Party at The Red Balloon bookstore with Lilly of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, one of our favorite books

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate

LAYOUT CREDITS--Build-A-Bear Party:Creative Memories For Her & Bright Baby: All papers & embellishments; Font: Edwardian Script ITC

Spurs: Creative Memories For Him, Go Team: paper & embellishments, except wood floor paper (recolored) from 'Schoolin' by Kate Teague for Two Peas in a Bucket, Icy Alpha Set by unknown artist, and Spurs Basketball from Google Images

Oogles & Googles: Creative Memories 'Everyday': all papers & embellishments; Font: Hyena

Valentine Celebration:Layout scraplifted from Scrap Girls email newsletterCreative Memories 'Valentine' Freebies, 'Fairy Tales' Freebies, 'For Her': all papers & embellishments (some recolored), except Triple Frame designed by me; Font: Angelina

Tea with Lilly:Creative Memories 'Everyday': purple paper; Creative Memories 'For Her': Red paper; Creative Memories 'Blush Blooms' Alpha Set (recolored); Creative Memories Bright Baby Boy': blue paper'

Under the Chocolate Tree:Cherie Mask for Two Peas in a Bucket 'All Twitterpated': paper; Digital Scrapbook Place 'Love': paper; Crosstown 'RAK February Mega Kit': Doily, Candies (recolored); Angela Coles 'RAK February Mega Kit': Punch Hearts Alpha Set; Font: Vladimir Script


Lego Millionaires

Two days ago, the latest issue of the Lego Club Magazine for kids arrived at our house. The girls got their first set of regular-size Legos for Christmas and have been slightly fascinated by them. We'd always had Lego Duplos, but Carys had stopped playing with them a while ago so we sold several sets worth a few months ago. So we've rediscovered Legos around here.

The Magazine has pics from their monthly themed building contest in addition to photos readers send in of their own creations. Thalia was fascinated by them. Even more important to her was that you could possibly get your name and photo in the magazine! So she and Carys set to work on their own little masterpieces yesterday, limited only by the fact that we have just one set of Legos right now (the 50th Anniversary Set) and two bases.

Thalia appeared in my office some time later with her digital camera and asked me to send these pics to the Lego company:

Carys's Lego "Country Town" featuring a "Selling Place" (her exact words)

Thalia's Lego House, Swimming Pool (3-sided), Doghouse and some Tulips

Then Carys exclaimed "We're going to be rich!" I don't think they realize the contest prize isn't a million dollars. Not even a million Legos. But it was a great project for the afternoon in any case!


Godsisters & Girlfriends

Carys has four godparents, mostly scattered around Texas. But whether she sees them often or not, they are very much a part of her life through cards, emails, phone calls and websites, and she knows all of her extended "Godfamily" members by their names. They all take an interest in Carys's upbringing and her growth as a Christian. We could not have chosen better for her.

We celebrated a late Christmas with her godparents in Austin in January, and it was just so nice to see how close Carys (and Thalia too) is to her godsisters! They are all fairly close in age and enjoy the same girly stuff. And they are even old enough now to play by themselves and entertain each other without our help!

Carys and her Godsisters celebrate Christmas

We miss living closer to them in Austin (hopefully we will be back there someday!) but really appreciate their efforts to stay close to us in other ways. They never miss a holiday or special event--Carys is quite spoiled with treats in the mail, or even better when delivered in person, from her godfamily in Austin! She is so loved.

'Ninangs' and 'Ninongs' (the Filipino words for 'Godmothers' and 'Godfathers') are very important figures in Filipino culture. My own godmother was present at Carys's Baptism in 2004, and her daughter is also one of Carys's godmothers. My godparents were my second fathers and mothers to me when I was growing up, and I can tell that my own kids' godparents mean just as much to them already.

LAYOUT CREDITS: Layout sketch from Scrapiopath.blogspot.com. All papers & embellishments: Creative Memories "Blush Blooms", "Seasons" and "Baby Love".