Welcome to yet another one of my blogs!

Can someone who officially hosts 3 blogs already and almost never posts anything really start yet another blog?! But wait, this one is different. Welcome to our FAMILY BLOG! In the spirit of "if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them," we are joining the many blogging families who post the highs and lows of their family togetherness online for all (or no one) to enjoy.

I used to mail, and then email, photos of our family to friends and relatives. Especially when the girls were babies and too cute in every single photo! Every single month! A friend commented earlier this year that she hadn't received any recent photos from us. So this blog should hopefully take the place of the packets of photos and quick emails I used to send out but never seem to have the time for anymore!

So this is the blog of the Tarun-Stogsdill Family, established May 1998. Thank you all in advance for caring about our family enough to want to read more about us!